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We provide entrepreneurs and medium sized businesses a great looking presence that stands out in their market.


FireMane Studio might not be the classical super hero company, but we like to think we have special powers.

The company originally started out as a portfolio platform for the graphic designer (CEO and founder), Sarah. It was a side project started in 2008 while she was in college and working other creative jobs. Sarah wanted a unique name, as other designers were using their actual names. FireMane came from Sarah’s constantly dyed red/orange hair, as well as her passion for art and design.

As years went on, Sarah worked in several large advertising and marketing agencies, and got to see first-hand the huge crew of people it took to complete projects. The clients they served were putting down tens of thousands of dollars for a single campaign. ‘No small business could afford those kinds of services!’ Sarah thought. There was an imbalance where the high dollar clients got the best work, only because they could afford to pay for it. Money shouldn’t determine how pleasing your brand is. Small businesses matter just as much as the big ones do.

Sarah decided to launch FireMane Studio full time and focus on smaller companies and entrepreneurs that might not have the marketing budget to afford the larger agencies. With FireMane Studio, clients have a direct line to their designer and developer, lower overhead expenses, and work that is oriented toward their market and not to trends.


FireMane Studio is run by two awesome ladies that see every new project as a chance to try something new and exciting! Even if they say your project is simple, there is a lot going on behind the scenes that you may never witness but you will see the end results of.

They are funny, witty, sarcastic, and very approachable. With the occasional curse word thrown in for good measure, Sarah and Josey want to build better relationships with their clients. They frequently work in their comfy pants and Pac-Man snuggies, because why not? In-person meetings do involve “real” pants, don’t worry.

Whatever your question, concern, or issue, don’t be intimidated by their banter. They get the job done right the first time or they will work to make sure it’s right.

Sarah Phipps

Worker Stats

Adobe Creative Suite CC
Photoshop • Illustrator • InDesign

Graphic Design
Logos • Stationery • Web Graphics & Design
Magazine Layouts • Book Covers • Shirt Graphics

Coloring Books • Cartoons • Digital & Hand Drawn

“You Deserve Better Than Clip-Art”

Back in 2008, founder and CEO Sarah started doing logos and poster designs for her college teachers. She began her career in the world of fine art (illustration) and eventually made her way through many (many) jobs to end up back in school to learn graphic design.

After graduation, and another series of jobs, Sarah wasn’t satisfied with her positions. She wanted to have more creative freedom and communicate directly with clients rather than through the project manager, then the art director, then the lead designer. In November of 2014, Sarah clocked out of her office job for the last time to pursue a new venture: as a small business owner and operator.

Sarah lives and works in Cincinnati, Ohio with her miniature dachshund, Pele. When she isn’t working, Sarah can be found drinking coffee in Northside or OTR downtown with her sketch book people watching.

“Beautiful Websites Can Also Be Secure”

For as long as Josey can remember, she’s had a fascination with watching code turn into applications. Her obsession with understanding technology came with her into formal education. She has studied everything from C, to databases, to practical internet security.

After dabbling in the world as a support tech, database administrator, web site developer, game journalist, writer, and security consultant, she found that she enjoyed helping friends, family, and small business build a positive presence in what has become an increasingly hostile online world.

Every single site she developed she kept turning to Sarah for graphic design and branding. Josey loved working with Sarah so much that she promised to become the Happy Minion to her Supreme Leader once they joined forces. The rest, they say, is history.

Josey Howarth

Worker Stats

WordPress Focus
AWS • JavaScript • Linux
Web Design

Security Consultant

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